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We believe that worker health and safety is a fundamental human right, and that’s why we tirelessly work to promote and advance the occupational health and safety profession and those who practice it.
Exposure Assessment Strategies II Bundle (AIHce EXP 2018 OnDemand)

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This AIHce On Demand bundle includes 6 Exposure Assessment Strategies session recordings from AIHce EXP 2018:

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Exposure Assessment: Past, Present, and Future

This case study involves an evaluation of claimed community health effects associated with material generated from a coal fired power plant.Formaldehyde is a recognized irritant and carcinogen at sufficient levels of exposure. This presentation will focus on the comparison of predicted data (CFD) to measured data (tracer gas study) for the purpose of retrospective and prospective exposure assessment in an indoor industrial environment.

Sampling and Analysis of Air Contaminants

Sampling and analysis of air contaminants in occupational environments is no easy task. This session will help attendees understand some of the principles of method performance evaluation for select analytes including diacetyl, formaldehyde, and other analytes like aromatics, ketones and nitrous oxide. Topics will include: canister sampling for diacetyl and other flavorings; review of formaldehyde sampling and analytical methods; and review of the principles, practices and equipment for performance validation of personal monitoring badges.

Current Topics in Laboratory Health and Safety: Chemical Exposures & Ventilation

This presentation focuses on the practical application of industry best practices to manage time-sensitive chemicals. The development process, including references and guidance used, will be discussed and the final policy, incorporating management practices for five categories of time-sensitive chemicals, will be shared. Research was conducted to develop monitoring strategies using wireless PID sensors to effectively monitor VOC exposure and risk.This case study summarizes the investigation initiated by concerns regarding poor air quality during an un-announced safety inspection and the findings on the effects on laboratory workers and building system components.

Implications of USP 800 in Healthcare Systems and Pharmacies

Healthcare organizations and pharmacies that prepare or administer hazardous drugs will be impacted by the requirements of these new standards designed to protect staff and the environment. Topics include: identifying hazardous drugs, implementing a reproductive health program, and hazardous drug sampling.

Developments in Beryllium Regulation, Sampling, and Laboratory Analysis

Beryllium regulations worldwide have been in a state of flux with rulemaking proposals from OSHA, the Department of Energy, and the Working Party on Chemicals in the European Union. It is difficult to keep up with what is needed to stay compliant and more importantly, to properly protect workers. This session, offered by the Sampling and Laboratory Analysis Committee, provides an update on regulations and compliance deadlines. It also provides insights on best practices for sampling and laboratory analysis, based on the Practitioner's Guide to Beryllium Hazard Management prepared by the Beryllium Health and Safety Committee.

Exposure Assessment: Estimating Methods

This presentation will discuss methods used to estimate dose from dermal lead accumulation data during various weapons firing scenarios. This session will highlight the information needed to run models and the effects of data gaps. This session will describe a novel method to address uncertainty in skin-to-liquid contact that occurs during use of hand-applied cleaning solutions. Explore other AIHce EXP 2018 Bundles.

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