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We believe that worker health and safety is a fundamental human right, and that’s why we tirelessly work to promote and advance the occupational and environmental health and safety profession and those who practice it.
Risk Assessment Bundle (AIHce EXP 2017 OnDemand)
Bundle and Save!

This AIHce On Demand bundle includes 6 Risk Assessment session recordings from AIHce 2017:

Heavy Metals, Contaminated Schools, and Risk Characterization
Exposure to Heavy Metals: Avoiding Panic and Chaos
This case study summarizes the process to address public outrage and assess the risk from potential exposure to heavy metals in an office building near a glass company.
Soil Contamination Impacting an Occupied School
An unknown oily discharge seeping onto a school playground created public outrage. Detailed investigation of the subsurface, air quality sampling inside and outside the building, and transparent detailed communication with the stakeholders, allowed the school to remain open and a practical remedial option to be found.
Environmental Assessments: Visual Assessment Method
A study was conducted to determine the degree of agreement among raters (i.e., environmental hygienists) on the scoring of items on an Environmental Health Assessment Room Survey and Building Assessment. The visual assessment tool, study design, study results, and inter-rater process will be shared along with an interactive example with the audience members.

Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA)
There is a need for tools that the occupational hygienist can use to focus limited resources on exposure assessments. In the arena of naturally occurring asbestos (NOA), these tools are not well understood. It is becoming increasingly clear, there is a poor correlation between hazard and dose when it comes to NOA. The geologist, laboratory, and occupational hygienist have respective roles to create meaningful characterizations of risk and to make appropriate management decisions.

Risk Assessment Triptych
Dermal Risk Assessment
A practical easy to use semiquantitative tool for dermal risk assessment demonstrated with a cas
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