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We believe that worker health and safety is a fundamental human right, and that’s why we tirelessly work to promote and advance the occupational health and safety profession and those who practice it.
Noise Bundle (AIHce EXP 2017 OnDemand)

Bundle and Save!

This AIHce On Demand bundle includes 6 Noise session recordings from AIHce 2017:

Noise Induced Hearing Loss: The Derek E. Dunn Invited Lecture Series
The noise environment of most workplaces is not strictly steady-state. It is usually characterized by some form of intermittency. In a recent contractor report to NIOSH, Dr. Suter explores the hazard of impact and impulse noise in combination with steady-state noise and explains a method by which the measurement of noise can be modified to better predict the hazard to hearing. These recent findings argue for a more conservative approach to protecting workers through limiting their exposure to noise from the start.

Current Topics in Protective Clothing and Equipment
Increase HPD Attenuation
The work reported here examines a statistically significant mix of subjects for their ability to properly deploy earplugs with and without lubricant applied and reports on the directly observable effect of enhanced personal attenuation ratings with the use of lubricant.
Solvent Permeation of Disposable Nitrile Gloves
Respirator Use and Facial Hair: Balancing H&S with Human Rights

Dealing with Noise
Noise Exposures at a Hammer Forge Company
This presentation will discuss noise exposures and hearing loss among workers in a hammer forge company, where employees' full shift exposures were well above occupational exposure limits.
Synchronized Noise Analysis of Multiple Noise Sources
This presentation describes a new approach for assessing the relative contributions of multiple, intermittent noise sources on the noise dose of a nonstationary operator.
Hearing Loss from Metals, Solvents, and Noise
Past studies suggest exposure to chemicals may damage hearing. This study evaluated the level of hearing loss exhibited by personnel exposed to high concentrations of metals, solvents, and noise. Simultaneous exposures to high concentrations of metals, solvents, and noise may damage hearing more than hazardous noise alone.

Noise, Knees, Drugs, and Fungi
Hazardous Drugs: Friend or Foe of the Worker?
Investigation Strategies for Indoor Opportunistic Fungi
Noise Exposure during Knee Replacement Surgeries
This presentation offers an evaluation of actual and estimated noise exposures among surgical teams during total knee replacement surgeries.

Noise Diagnostic Tools in the 21st Century
Learn how the next generation of sound diagnostic tools can be help quickly identify the cause of noise, and show real results for your engineered noise control solutions. Photo enabled sound intensity wands, dosimeters with octave band and audio recording functionality, and acoustic cameras are just a few of the new tools. By using these tools and results effectively your team can develop cost efficient noise controls, and tell the story about your findings in a very tangible way.

Impulse Noise, Dosimetry, and F-Weighting: Topics in Noise
Hearing Protection for Impulse Noise
The various risk criteria for impulse noise, which describe how many of these brief sounds the ear can tolerate before injury occurs, are described and compared.
Noise Exposure among Workers Utilizing Two-Way Radios
Public service and trades workers have documented noise induced hearing loss. There are complexities to these professions that limit the use of standard noise dosimetry. For example, use of two-way radios. Proposed New Noise Weighting for Pregnant
This investigation reviewed the literature and relevant studies in an attempt to identify a way to improve noise exposure assessments to pregnant workers.

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