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2017 AIHce On Demand - Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Bundle

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This AIHce On Demand bundle includes 3 Nanotechnology and Nanomaterial session recordings from AIHce 2017:

Nanomaterials: Testing and Regulatory Overview
The use of nanomaterials in numerous products is rapidly growing with ever expanding applications. There is an incomplete knowledge of the EHS aspects of these materials as well as global regulatory differences. This review will provide a summary of the present knowledge, the potential hazards, testing approaches and regulatory issues involved in addressing the nanomaterial exposure to workers and consumers.

Nanoparticles and Industrial Ventilation Solutions: No Small Matter
More and more toxicological studies confirm the toxicity of nanoparticles. However, our knowledge about IH strategies and controls related to nanoparticles is limited. This technical session will demonstrate an experiment where a process workstation was tested for operations related to the generation of nanoparticles. It will be shown that containment can be reached, using a properly designed ventilated enclosure.

Nanoparticle and Diffusive Sampling
Finding the Nanoparticle Using Direct-Reading instruments
The use of direct-reading instrumentation is a cornerstone for the evaluation of emissions from processes in the workplace. This presentation will show data from field surveys, discuss the proper results interpretation and how to use of this information to control nanoparticles.
Sampling for Low Concentration and/or Short Duration Exposures
By improving our collection techniques we can make significant strides towards using simpler techniques for low concentration (IAQ) and/or short duration exposures (STEL). In this study, carbon nanotube buckypaper and activated carbon fiber were found to have reliable sampling rates in STEL and TWA diffusive samplers.
Comparison of Three Nanoparticle Samplers
This experiment examined the performance of three new nanoparticle (NP) samplers to determine their efficacy in collecting three types of polydisperse aerosols. Particles collected by these samplers were compared to two real time instruments in order to measure their efficacy at capturing particles of certain diameters. All three samplers were found to be effective at collecting particles less than 2 µm in diameter.

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