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We believe that worker health and safety is a fundamental human right, and that’s why we tirelessly work to promote and advance the occupational health and safety profession and those who practice it.
Global Standard of Care Bundle (AIHce EXP 2017 OnDemand)

Bundle and Save!

This AIHce On Demand bundle includes 8 Global Standard of Care session recordings from AIHce 2017:

Intercultural Communication in the Workforce
This presentation is with the support of the Minority Special Interest Group (MSIG). As we encounter individuals with a variety of cultural backgrounds, it is important that we understand and improve intercultural communication in the workforce. This presentation will focus on enhancing skills for effective communication. Individuals will pay attention to our educational messages if we get their trust and are open to listen about their beliefs, concerns, priorities and points of view.

Occupational Exposure Outside the USA
Brick Kilns of Nepal: Recognizing the Hazards
This presentation will address the hazards of silica and dust exposures in the traditional brick making industry of Nepal.
Predicting Silica Exposures from Noise Exposure Levels
Silica, an occupational carcinogen, is a prominent exposure in the stone processing industry. This study evaluated the noise and silica personal measurements of workers at a stone processing facility in Northern Thailand to investigate the potential for predicting occupational silica exposure utilizing more practical noise sampling methods. These methods may be used in the future to provide guidance on the potential exposures in other stone processing facilities.
Electronic Waste Recycling Exposures in Thailand
This presentation will describe the results of an occupational hazard assessment on electronic waste recycling workers in Thailand.
IH and Safety in Ukraine: Focus on Collaboration
Globalization significantly impacts environmental, health and safety issues and policies all over the world. Our technical session will give industrial hygienists a unique opportunity to learn about industrial hygiene practices in Ukraine

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