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AIHce On Demand_IH General Practice II

Recorded at AIHce 2015
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Session Arranger: D. Day, Sealed Air
Session Moderator: J. Kivuyo, University of Central Missouri

• Identification of the Electron Dose Threshold for Asbestos Fiber Chemical Analysis by TEM
     J. Martin, M. Beauparlant, IRSST; G. L’Espérance, École Polytechnique de Montréal
• Identification of Naturally Occurring Asbestos Work Areas in Coordination with an Exposure Management Program during Vegetation Management Activities
     L. O’Heir, Health & Safety Program, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission; B. Drews, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
• Determinations of Synthetic Musks in Personal Care Products by Solid-Phase Microextraction
     W. Tseng, S. Tsai, Institute of Environmental Health, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University
• Effects of a Series of Ketone Compounds on Liver Microsomal Aniline Hydroxylase Activity in Mice—Implications for Ketone-Drug Interactions in Exposed Workers
     W. Luttrell, Oklahoma Christian University
• Modern Design of Colorimetric Sensor Devices for Bisphenol A Dust Measurements
     A. Rossner, R. Alkasir, S. Andreescu, Institute for a Sustainable Environment, Clarkson University
• Adsorption Characterization of Fabricated Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Buckypapers for Volatile Organic Compound Sampling
     C. Lungu, J. Oh, Environmental Health, University of Alabama- Birmingham; E. Floyd, OUHSC
• Isocyanates: Assessing Field Extraction
     D. LaGarde, SLTC, OSHA
• Determinations of Bisphenol A in Household Dusts by Microwave-Assisted Solid-Phase Microextraction
     C.-W. Chang, C.-J. Chang, S. Tsai, Department of Public Health & Institute of Environmental Health, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University
• Vacuum Desiccation Applications for the Increase of Polyvinyl Chloride Filter Stability
     C. Irwin, Gravimetrics, Galson Laboratories
• Effect of Particle Loading on the Performance of Thermal Desorption Tubes
     C. Chang, C. Lin, S. Huang, C. Chen, J. Lai, Department of Public Health, National Taiwan University; C. Chang, J. Wu, Chang Jung Christian University
• Toxicity-Index Hazard and Respiratory Protection
     R. Prugh, Chilworth Technology, Inc., a DEKRA Company
• Improvement of Selectivity of the Method for N-Nitrosamine Determination by GC-NPD in Workplace Air
     M. Huard, S. Aubin, L. René, L. Locas, S. Paradis, Laboratory Division, IRSST

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