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AIHce On Demand_IH General Practice I

Recorded at AIHce 2015
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Session Arranger: D. Day, Sealed Air Corporation
Moderator: J. Kivuyo, University of Central Missouri

• A Simulation Algorithm for Converting Historical Particle Count Data to Respirable Dust Mass
     R. Rando, Tulane University SPH&TM
• Comparison of Quantitative Exposure Assessment Results for Crystalline Silica (Respirable Fraction) with Current and Proposed OSHA Standards
     G. Desai, International Safety Systems, Inc.
• Potential Exposure to Naturally Occurring Diacetyl, 2,3-Pentanedione and Respirable Dust from Roasting and Grinding Coffee Beans in an Industrial Setting
     S. Gaffney, A. Abelmann, J. Pierce, M. Glynn, L. McCarthy, J. Lotter, M. Liong, J. Henshaw, B. Finley, Cardno ChemRisk
• Systematic Review and Evaluation of Health Risks Associated with Sepiolite Exposure
     M. Le, A. Monnot, M. Grespin, R. Ward, Cardno ChemRisk
• Industrial Hygiene Exposure Monitoring Programs and Mine Sites: Gap Analysis
      L. Clements, P. Bergholz, AMEC, Burnaby, BC, Canada; C. Doyle, Ministry of Energy and Mines
• Enhanced Confined Space Monitoring
     W. Jones, Total Safety U.S., Inc., Chino Hills, CA; C. Britten III, Total Safety U.S., Inc.
• Industrial Hygiene Response to Chemical Fire
     M. Shum, Amec Foster Wheeler
• Assessing the Health Effects of Rotating Shift Work Among Refinery Workers
     K. McNamara, W. Robbins, Env. Health Sciences, UCLA
• New Results from the Comprehensive Lead Education and Reduction by Window Replacement (CLEAR-WIN) Program in Illinois
     D. Jacobs, M. Tobin, P. Pratap, S. Cali, University of Illinois at Chicago, D. Clarkson, Peoria Health Department; S. Dixon, J. Breysse, National Center for Healthy Housing
• Drying Water-Damaged Materials Based on Water Activity
     E. Light, R. Gay, Building Dynamics, LLC; B. Carter, Decagon
• Distribution and Influence Factors for Knee and Hip Injuries among Retired Workers of Automotive Manufacturing
     W. Chen, School of Public Health, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China

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