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We believe that worker health and safety is a fundamental human right, and that’s why we tirelessly work to promote and advance the occupational and environmental health and safety profession and those who practice it.
Welding Research (AIHce EXP 2020 OnDemand)
Recorded at Virtual AIHce EXP 2020

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Advanced Impact Analysis – Potential Changes to Weld Fume Carcinogenicity Designation
In August 2018, AIHA announced that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) published new reports that classify welding fumes and ultraviolet radiation from welding as Group 1 Carcinogens. According to these new reports, welding fumes cause lung and kidney cancer. UV radiation from welding is stated to cause ocular melanoma. Welding is a substantial component of the shipbuilding industry. It is already subject to extensive training, oversight, ventilation, air monitoring, and use of personal protective equipment through tailored health and safety programs. A fast-track evaluation was needed to: a) review the basis of the new IARC claims; b) determine what impact this report may have on welding in U.S. shipbuilding; and c) deliver a timely and concise summary report to properly inform stakeholders of the need to direct and apply resources to respond to the issue. The evaluation report informed shipyards: 1) what potential cancer risks have been identified in the IARC report; 2) what shipyard welding work is most likely to create welding fume exposures at or above levels of concern cited in the IARC report; 3) what air monitoring and testing methods are recommended for further evaluation; and 4) what existing training, process control, and protective measures are shown to be effective for elimination or reduction of these potential hazards. Presenter: Daniel Chute, CIH, CSP, BSI EHS Services and Solutions East Inc. Reston, VA, United States of America

Particle Size-Selective Sampling for Manganese Fumes During Welding Operations
This case study presents personal exposure monitoring results obtained during various welding operations at a U.S. Department of Energy site, including an initial overexposure event, a subsequent welding work pause, the implementation of protective controls, and the quantitative validation of similar exposure groups. Presenter: Priscilla Yung, MS, CIH, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Castro Valley, CA, United States of America

A Retrospective Exposure Assessment Study of Welding in Confined Spaces
During the construction of an elevated water tank, a steel tank erection crew was in the process of attaching an overflow pipe along the interior wall of the access tube. At the time, the access tube, approximately five feet in diameter, was laying horizontally at ground level. Prior to the arrival of an OSHA inspector, the pipe was being fitted and tack welded in place. As a result of the OSHA inspection, OSHA cited the employer for alleged violations under 29 CFR 1926.353(b)(1), "either general mechanical or local exhaust ventilation shall be provided whenever welding, cutting, or heating is performed in a confined space." No flammables or explosives were involved with the work inside the access tube. The OSHA inspector did not conduct air monitoring or collect air samples inside the access tube to determine whether the atmosphere inside the access tube was hazardous. In this case study, does OSHA have the duty to prove that noncompliance creates a hazardous condition? Is the burden on the employer to prove that a hazardous condition was not created? Were employees exposed to a hazardous condition from this exposure scenario? The methodology and results of a retrospective exposure assessment for this confined space scenario will be described. OSHA's citation policy of applying 29 CFR 1926.353(b)(1) has been clarified. Presenter: Jerome Spear, CIH, CSP, FAIHA, J.E. Spear Consulting, LP Magnolia, TX, United States of America

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